Snapchat Map

Something unique that is solely Snapchat’s… for now.

DDTYjukV0AADzDmLast week, Snapchat unveiled a new fun addition to the platform – the MAP. This really compromises something that has been building over time. For quite a while, there’s been the option to post to a local story in addition to your own when creating a snap. For example, I live just outside of Dallas, TX so I can add to the “Dallas” story as well as my own. There used to be an ease of checking it out, as well. However, for at least a year that I can remember, I haven’t been able to see the entirety of the local stories. Either way, if you were at a concert, there was a cumulative story for that, too. In fact, there’s many events such as sports games, that end up with its very own story. Really though, you’re unlikely to see the story unless you are, in fact, local.

All that has changed with the map. Now, if they have it enabled, you can see your friends and hotspots where many snaps are happening. As you can see in the screenshot, there’s hints given across the map of various big events going on as well as hot spots as you see in the area around California. As you zoom in, you can see hotspots nearby and all you need do is touch the area and the snaps from there will begin playing.

It would be easy to see this as a quick way to stay connected to local happenings. If you’re bored at home, simply opening the app and zooming into the map will let you know if there are any snap-worthy things going on and perhaps it’s something you can check out. Others have also stumbled upon the reality that this feature could force you to be honest or be caught as it’s easy for any friend to see where you are and if you are, in fact, on your way as you said you were.

Comparatively, Facebook doesn’t have a map but it will let you know when a friend is nearby or if a friend is going to a local event, or for that matter if they are even interested in a local event. One major positive of these types of additions to the apps is that they are trying to get you out there and connecting with people. I think deep down, there is a need to disconnect, and the fact that these platforms are encouraging the action ahead of time shows they are ahead of the game. Coca-Cola hadn’t done enough in anticipation of a major health trend so the soda has suffered because there just aren’t enough options. Current day, they are making strides to meet the demand but they had to take somewhat of a hit first. With Facebook, IG, and Snapchat looking to keep you active and out in the world, they will hopefully receive less of a backlash in the future when digital addicts start detoxing. No one can ever say these apps didn’t try!

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