Your Day vs My Story

19141712_10154880401369401_2033499962_nOnce again, Facebook has found something on another platform it likes. Still reeling over the reality that it can’t have Snapchat, Facebook has decided to copy one of the app’s most talked about features: My Story.

If you’re familiar, go ahead and skip this paragraph while I explain for any newbies. My Story is a way for Snapchatters to post a photo or short video for their friends and followers to see that will stay up for 24 hours. This is very popular, particularly during events. You can save these snaps to your account and share them to other apps. If you haven’t saved it, after 24 hours the story is gone forever! It’s gone either way from public eye. So, you probably got the gist.

19114728_10154880400864401_1971896820_nMy Story has been around for a while now recently got a few upgrades I’ll discuss in another article. They are really fun though. Anyway, most of what’s shared on the story is fleeting, which is why you’re sharing it there. If it’s awesome enough, it gets saved and shared elsewhere but otherwise, the world can do without. That’s the way of Snapchat, the conversations disappear when opened and My Story is over in a day.

With that being said, Facebook decided it really liked that feature and introduced it first for Instagram. Having it on Instagram isn’t terrible. While it does the same thing essentially, not everyone is on Snapchat so the option for Instagram is acceptable. The Stories there could be better. Snapchat seems to have a smoother flow for their stories than the Instagram option. For me and other users, it’s been known to need more buffer ing and can even lead to frustration because of it. Somehow, instead of making Stories better, Facebook jumped the gun and added Your Day to Facebook and messenger.


Yep, that’s right, to both Facebook AND the messenger. The screenshots above show both the chat window and the home screen of the messenger. This is kind of a pain for those who use Facebook and Messenger apps on their smart devices. Why? Because many users are experiencing FB asking them in every chat window to share their day in a photo for all to see. That wouldn’t be the worst if you had the option to X out the suggestion – but you can’t. It stays there all the time. Even with this annoyance, I don’t have many friends who participate. You see, the reason all the big apps are still around is because they all have a niche. Facebook is trying to be everything. Even if you’re not on the other apps, being asked all the time to share Your Day is a bit much.

Snapchat’s whole point is to share for a short period of time. Instagram is photo sharing anyway. Facebook is a lot more than that, it knows it. They don’t need to be everything, they need to serve their purpose, which shouldn’t be copying very different apps. The way you friend people is even different on Snapchat vs Facebook. If you’re social savvy enough to be on all 3 apps, it’s more of a joke than a cool way to share your day with people. Mostly because if you have something photo worthy for Facebook, you’ll likely post it. If it’s not worth keeping for ever but momentarily interesting, it goes on My Story.

Let’s not complicate things, Facebook.

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